Weight loss: Our 45-minute HIIT workout featuring some VERY cute dogs

Follow along with our HIIT workout which can be done anytime, anywhere – even when your pets won't leave you alone!

Woman working out with dog
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Autumn is here, and the days are getting dark and cold. What better way to give yourself a little lift than a 45-minute HIIT workout, accompanied by some cute dogs? if you're a pet owner, you might have tried exercise in the past, only to be interrupted by the little scamps running over, wondering what you're up to. 

For our sibling site PetsRadar's Pet Tech Week, top PT Emma Goodman-Horne took to PetsRadar's Instagram for a 45-minute sweat session featuring a few guest stars. Follow along with the workout below:

Why cute animal videos are actually good for us

If you're like us, and you tend to spend a little too long looking at funny videos of dogs and pictures of baby kittens, don't worry: it might actually be good for your performance at work. A study conducted by researchers at Hiroshima University studied participants' skills at the board game Operation before and after they looked at cute animals.

It was found participants who looked at cute animals consistently outperformed their peers when playing the game. 

The participants were subjected to another task afterwards, a letter-based search game, with the same results. The message is clear: looking at cute baby animals both relaxed the participants and improved their concentration, inducing "careful behavioral tendencies" in the participants. 

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