Whoop CEO Will Ahmed's morning routine: Exercise, cold showers and more

Top tips on building a better lifestyle into your everyday from a fitness tracker founder

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You would hope that the CEO of Whoop, the fitness tracker that pays special attention to rest and recovery, knows a thing or two about looking after their body. In an interview with GQ, CEO Will Ahmed shared how he balances being the public face of a billion dollar company with staying fit and healthy on his own terms. 

Producing a product competing with other best fitness trackers on the market, such as Fitbit and Apple Watch, is no mean feat. It’s a wonder the 30-year-old tech mogul doesn’t look older – but that’s because the Whoop creator aims to get seven hours of sleep a night.

Ahmed previously told Fit Tech in another interview, “Sleep is where the gains from your day are made and it’s important to factor in both the quality of your sleep and sleep-need when looking at your health.” He typically rises at 7AM and heads straight for a freezing cold shower, which he – and others, ranging from Joe Wicks and Wim Hof to productivity biohackers – claims to have many health benefits. 

There is some science to back it up: A study on cold showers and mental health published in Medical Hypotheses found that cold water can boost your mood. It stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which increases norepinephrine, which then increases brain focus and releases endorphins, encouraging feelings of happiness. It’s one of the reasons why Wim Hof submerges himself in freezing ice baths or swims in cold rivers every day he can. 

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Once he has sent all those positive electrical impulses to his brain and out the shower, Ahmed likes to get ready and dressed for work. But instead of rushing out the door he sits and meditates for twenty minutes. A 2017 study revealed that short sessions of yoga can have a positive effect on brain function and energy levels. 

With this taking up such a short section of our day there is no reason why you can’t give it a go. You don’t even have to start with twenty minutes: our how to meditate guide will take you through your first two-minute session.

While the CEO says that he likes to get to work early and, “Hit the ground running,” he likes to workout with a trainer beforehand. This doesn’t always happen, but on days he doesn’t hit the gym, he can be found on a squash court, playing soccer, on a run or playing a game of golf on the weekend. 

Cross-discipline training makes for a well-rounded body, improving your muscles, fast-twitch explosive power and endurance cardiovascular fitness. If you are a bit like Ahmed and like to dabble in all forms of fitness, we recommend a sturdy pair of best cross training shoes to cater for your needs. 

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