Work your whole body and strengthen your core in just 10 minutes with a single kettlebell

Build full-body muscle, strengthen your core, boost your metabolism, and burn fat in just 10 minutes

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Workouts that require limited time and limited equipment are always a plus in my book — not everyone has the time or ability to dedicate 40 minutes plus to a workout between family events, social commitments, and work. 

That's what makes this personal trainer's routine so great; you only 10 minutes spare and you can get by with one kettlebell. If you're at the gym, choose a weight that'll challenge your muscles but won't effect your form. 

But if you're training at home, it's worth investing in one of the best kettlebells for this type of full-body workout. Kettlebells are extremely effective, helping develop muscle, work your core, and boost your metabolism with a single weight. 

With a weight in hand, you can take on Roxanne Russell's high-intensity routine to build muscle all over. It's a coached workout, so you can follow along with Russell's demonstrations to perfect your technique and get the most from your training. 

This workout follows a superset pattern. Supersets involve performing two exercises back-to-back without resting in between. The exercises can either target the same muscle group or different ones.

For each exercise in the superset you will work for 30 seconds, followed by a 30-second rest. Supersets are not only an efficient way to workout (hitting more muscles in less time), but they also increase your strength and endurance levels.

Watch Roxanne Russell's 10-minute kettlebell workout

This workout has eight different supersets, each one containing a kettlebell swing. Kettlebell swings involve swinging a kettlebell between the legs and up to your chest, using a hip-hinge movement.

It is also a compound exercise that targets several muscles simultaneously, including the glutes, hamstrings as well as your core. This is why doing kettlebell swings every day can be a great way to build strength with a single move. 

Although this short routine will raise your heart rate and burn fat, it primarily targets your muscles, so you may feel the effects of delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) the following day. 

This is normal and is the result of factors such as tiny tears in your muscles that have happened during your workout. Your body uses protein to help repair, strengthen and grow your muscles, so it's important to eat enough to support your exercise routine. 

A post-workout smoothie, blended with one of the best protein powders for weight loss, can be a good way to keep yourself topped up, achieve lean muscle growth, promote recovery, and keep yourself fuller for longer. 

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