Adjustable dumbbell deal: Save over $100 on this barbell-dumbbell Walmart combo

Get fit and strong and home using adjustable dumbbells and barbell, now cheaper than ever at Walmart

Adjustable dumbbells deal at walmart
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If you're looking for a way to tone up, get fit, lose fat and build muscle, you can't go wrong with a set of adjustable dumbbells to use at home. Using free weights to tone up and build muscle is an extremely effective way to exercise, whether you've never so much as picked up a barbell or you're a gym bunny looking to make the most of lockdown. 

Right now, you can get a set of adjustable dumbbells (with barbell attachment) weighing 66lbs at Walmart. Ordinarily, this set costs $250, but this excellent spinlock set has been discounted to just $147.70, saving you more than $100.

Check out the deal below, or for similar bargains take a look at our Black Friday weights deals page.

Best adjustable dumbbell deal: Get it here

now $147.70 at Walmart

66LB Dumbbell Weight Set | was $249.99 | now $147.70 at Walmart
Save $103 on this stylish black-and-red spinlock dumbbell set. It's adaptable, acting as individual dumbbells or linking them together to form a single barbell. Your hand weights can be as light as 2.5kg (5.5lbs) each, or you can load them up for a serious strength workout.

Best adjustable dumbbells: Why get this deal?

A set of the best adjustable dumbbells is a must for your home workout equipment collection. Dumbbells are an excellent way to do upper body workouts, helping to tone, sculpt and strengthen your arms, shoulders and back, and you can also hit your lower body too – check out our guide on how to do a deadlift with dumbbells

An adjustable set means you can up the load as your strength increases, but you can also reduce the weight to as little as 2.5kg per dumbbell. This is perfect for beginners opting for more aerobic workouts, helping you to lose weight instead of focusing on muscle gain. You can also just use the plates as separate weighted discs, ranging from 1.25kg to 2.5kg in weight.

One study, published by researchers in the Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences, found adults who did six weeks of dumbbell exercises had a "significant" reduction in their BMI, weight-to-hip ratio and body fat percentage. Dumbbells are cheaper and easier to store than lots other weight-loss solutions, like a treadmill or elliptical machines.

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