Beats Powerbeats Pro deal at Target: Save 20% in workout headphones price crash

Beats Powerbeats Pro are some of the best workout earbuds you can buy, and Target is offering them at a knocked-down price

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Beats PowerBeats Pro are officially the top workout earbuds in the world. It's comforting when we don't have to hedge our bets, and we can out-nad-out say something's the very best in its class. 

Why? They boast incredible bassy sound, noise-cancellation to keep you focused on your workout, true wireless technology and simple, ergonomic controls that feel natural to use. The earbuds are practically immovable, so you can jump around until the cows come home and they'll stay snugly in your ears.

Right now, you can grab the best workout buds on the market for an extremely rare 20% discount, as Target are offering the headphones for a VERY attractive $50 off. Check out the deal in full below:

Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Earbuds | was $249.95 | now $199.99 at Target
Want to experience the freedom of True Wireless Earbuds for yourself? Grab the best on the market (the incredible Beats Powerbeats Pro) and experience bassy sound with no connecting wires and, thanks to the over-ear hook, no separation anxiety. The noise cancellation leaves you focused on your workout, and Beats' signature bassy sound makes for the most satisfying workout audio ever. View Deal

The sweat-resistant earbuds come in a variety of colours, including black, white, pink, yellow, red, moss and ivory. 

Beats By Dre Powerbeats Pro: What did our review say?

"In a world of very similar products and lots of different brands, it’s always nice when we can say with confidence “this is the best you can get”. So we’re happy to report the Beats Powerbeats Pro are the best true wireless earbuds you can by, whether you’re a runner, boxer, weightlifter or just after a great pair of headphones for your commute.

"The only barriers to entry are the high price point and potential customers' resistance to buds that sit inside the ear canal rather than over the top of it. Even though Apple now own the Beats brand, the Powerbeats Pro absolutely wipe the floor with Apple’s own-brand AirPods and AirPods Pro."

Read our full review here.

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The Powerbeats Pro may be the best in the business, but if that price point is still a little high to you, or you don't like overly bassy sound, you might want to shop around. In that case, our best running earbuds and best workout headphones guides should have something for you. 

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