I'm a fitness writer—here's why this Walmart kettlebell deal is one of the best things you can buy in the end-of-year sales

If you want to build muscle without a gym membership, invest in a set of kettlebells

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A set of kettlebells is a great investment if you want to work out at home. These versatile training tools can help you build upper and lower-body strength through compound moves like kettlebell swings or goblet squats

Walmart currently has some great deals on BalanceFrom kettlebell sets. I'd recommend that you opt for the 45lb set, which contains 10lb, 15lb and 20lb kettlebells. 

It's currently reduced to $19.98, which is a cent cheaper than the 30lb set. This is a particularly great deal as weights tend to increase in price the heavier they get. 

BalanceFrom wide grip kettlebell 45lb set: was$59.99,now $19.98 at Walmart

BalanceFrom wide grip kettlebell 45lb set: was $59.99, now $19.98 at Walmart

Save $40 on this 45lb kettlebell set, which contains 10lb, 15lb and 20lb weights. Having a variety of loads available means that you can use the kettlebells for different moves and target different muscles. 

Why I like kettlebells

Owning a set of kettlebells opens the door to lots of strength-building exercises. I like to add them to my glute bridges, holding it over my hips to increase the difficulty of the exercise. I also do goblet squats and squat thrusters holding a 20kg (44lb) kettlebell, and then shift to a lighter weight for my upper-body exercises. 

Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells have an off-centre weight distribution. This means that they test your body in different ways; they can challenge your core stabilization and your proprioception (bodily awareness).

In my opinion, the wide grip on the BalanceFrom models makes these some of the best kettlebells you can buy on a budget.

Deals on lighter kettlebells

If the 45lb set doesn't contain a weight that's light enough for you, try these options instead. 

BalanceFrom wide grip kettlebell 30lb set:was $44.99, now$19.99 at Walmart

BalanceFrom wide grip kettlebell 30lb set: was $44.99, now $19.99 at Walmart 

Save $25 Starting at 5lb and going up to 15lb, this light kettlebell set is great for beginners looking to set up a home gym. The wide handle makes them easier to grasp. 

BalanceFrom wide grip kettlebell 50lb set: was $69.99, now $25.99 at Walmart

BalanceFrom wide grip kettlebell 50lb set: was $69.99, now $25.99 at Walmart

Save $44 If you want the 5lb as part of your set, you can get this 4-kettlebell kit for $5 more. The spread of weights means that you can easily grab a kettlebell to suit the exercise you're doing, whether that's lateral raises or full-body squats. 

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