Just 25-minutes of kettlebell exercise can build core strength and burn fat—here’s how

Kettlebell workouts are a great way to engage multiple muscles at once, raise your heart rate, and burn fat fast

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The kettlebell is a pretty epic workout tool. The bell-shaped weight helps to improve grip strength, develop your core, build power and stability, and help to burn fat through explosive exercises. This 25-minute kettlebell session is one you can try out for yourself.

This is a full-body HIIT-style workout, so while you'll be raising your heart rate during the interval training you will also be developing strength and muscle across your core and whole body.

What makes the kettlebell such a unique weight is its shape. The bell-like design means that the weight is unevenly distributed so your muscles have to work against this to stabilize your body as you move through an exercise with it. Therefore, its worthwhile investing in one of the best kettlebells if you want to see improvements in your core strength, coordination, and balance.

Kettlebells are already a more affordable alternative to buying bigger workout equipment for your home gym, like cardio machines or weight benches, but right now you can be spending even less on a kettlebell during the Prime Day sales. Amazon currently have 33% marked off this Everyday Essentials All-Purpose Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell so you're only paying $30 for a 20lbs weight!

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Everyday Essentials All-Purpose Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell | Was $44.99, now $30.11 at Amazon 

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LA-based personal trainers, Juice and Toya, bring you this full-body kettlebell workout. As this is a slightly more advanced routine, Toya demonstrates modifications of each exercise so beginners can give this session a shot as well.

The workout is split up into four groups of four exercises that will have you training with full-body dynamic moves, as you work muscles in your upper and lower body, and your core and abdominal muscles.

Watch Juice & Toya's 25 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout

If you often wonder cardio vs weights: which is best for weight loss then you might like the multiple benefits you can gain from kettlebell workouts. Many kettlebell fans love the fact that you can combine strength and cardio in one with these versatile weights. As you perform ballistic movements with a kettlebell your whole body is being put through cardio, strength and flexibility training. 

The kettlebell adds extra weight to functional exercises such as swings, squats, and twists which assists in increasing strength, muscle, and cardio. Working with this form of weight also encourages you to increase your range of motion as your body burns fat quickly. 

Of course, the kettlebell isn't the only suitable weight for strength training at home. You can also find some of the best adjustable dumbbells featuring in this year's Prime Day weights deals.

All the best Prime Day fitness deals in one place
Prime Day 2022

All the best Prime Day fitness deals in one place

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