Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 air fryer deal: Cook healthy dinners with this Walmart bargain

Cook healthy with Walmart's price slash on the Ninja Foodi Electric Multi Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer

Ninja air fryer and pressure cooker deal
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Want to cook loads of different ways, but don't want to buy eight different pieces of kit to clutter up your kitchen? So do we. Getting an air fryer, pressure cooker and slow cooker which can also broil, bake and roast your favourite foods all in one machine sounds too good to be true. But with the Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 Electric Multi Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer, you can cook comfort food every different way, in a much healthier fashion.

Whether you're air-frying chicken thighs or whipping up a stew, the cooker can handle whatever you throw at it. Right now, Walmart is slashing $60 on an extremely popular bit of Ninja kitchen kit bringing the Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 down to just $169.00. Check out the deal in full below:

Get the Ninja Foodi Multi-Use Pressure Cooker/Air Fryer deal now:

Ninja Foodi 6 litre 9-in-1 Multi-Use Pressure Cooker/Air Fryer | was $229.99 | now $169.00 from Walmart
Top deal

Ninja Foodi 6 litre 9-in-1 Multi-Use Pressure Cooker/Air Fryer | was $229.99 | now $169.00 from Walmart
This all-in one pressure cooker has a bevy of different modes and features. As well as an easy to use pressure cooker and slow cooker, it's also an air fryer, tender crisper, bake oven, roasting pot, it's packing a defrost function... the list goes on. With a 6 litre removable inner tub and 14 levels of safety, it's versatile and convenient.

Why get an air fryer?

Love the taste of food like chips and fried chicken, but don't want to be stuck with all the grease and extra calories? You'll need an air fryer.

Good air fryers are fantastic new gadgets that allow us to indulge in our favourite fried foods without drenching them in grease. Using just a teaspoon of oil and a system of hot air circulation, it fries foodstuffs completely evenly, with no need for deep-fat or shallow-frying. 

In this way, air fryers can reduce the amount of calories, fat and harmful compounds in your food. It won't magically transform it into something super-healthy, but for cheat-day treats, and home-cooked dinners, it will reduce the calories you consume while preserving the great taste. 

This Ninja offering however, isn't just an air fryer: it uses Ninja's unique TenderCrisp function to make sure you get the perfect finish every time with an added blast of heat at the end. You can do this with other functions, too: try pressure cooking to lock in the juices, and using the TenderCrisp for a perfect finish. 

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