This $30 adjustable kettlebell is far better than any Prime Day deal we've seen so far

There's an incredible 75% off the Tru Grit Adjustable Kettlebell right now at Best Buy, saving you over $90

Woman using the Tru Grit 20lb Adjustable Kettlebell
(Image credit: Tru Grit)

Adjustable weights don't come cheap. Whether you choose one with a locking mechanism, weights plates or a digital switch, there are more parts than on a fixed weight so the price goes up. 

Adjustable dumbbells are relatively common, adjustable kettlebells less so, and it's even rarer to find one under $50. But that's what's on offer right now, with this 20lb Tru Grit adjustable kettlebell down 75%, now just $29 at Best Buy

It's a well-rated kettlebell from a respected equipment brand, and although we've not tested it, this deal makes it almost the same price our favorite budget kettlebell, the fixed-weight Amazon Basics 15lb Kettlebell, which usually retails for $24.99. 

Tru Grit 20lb Adjustable Kettlebell | was $120, now $29 at Best Buy

Tru Grit 20lb Adjustable Kettlebell | was $120, now $29 at Best Buy

Save $91 This adjustable weight has seven settings, ranging from 5lbs to 20lbs, increasing in 2.5lb increments. The weights plates slide out for quick load changes, the handle is wide enough for two-handed kettlebell swings, and the cast iron design is durable enough for exercising outside on hard surfaces. 

Adjustable versions of the best kettlebells make a great addition to your home workout space. Kettlebells are incredibly versatile anyway, but combining several in one means you can add more variety to your training, without the headache of finding a place to store a whole rack of kettlebells. 

But picking up the Tru Grit adjustable kettlebell allows you to quickly switch the load between exercises, so you can do kettlebell swings and goblet squats with different weights to better suit your strength and ensure correct form. 

It's an impressive saving, but it also brings the usually expensive adjustable weight into the same territory as single-load budget options, so it's an incredible deal that'll boost your training without breaking the bank. 

James Frew
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