Want to build muscle? Here’s why why you should choose resistance bands over weights this Cyber Monday

With discounts of up to 75%, you can pick up one of our favorite home workout tools for under $5

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday may now be over, but you can still pick up Cyber Monday resistance bands deals without breaking the bank. For example, the Whatafit Resistance Bands Set has a door anchor, two handles and five bands offering a range of resistances, and it’s now 37% off at Amazon.

The best resistance bands allow you to perform a huge range of exercises, working every muscle in your body with everything from bent-over rows to crab walks. You can even clove hitch looped bands around a bar and use them to perform assisted pull-ups – a great way to build up to the challenging bodyweight movement. 

Compared with space-hogging free-weights, resistance bands can slip into even the most packed drawers and often cost less than a takeaway. So, if you want a cheap, compact training tool for working out at home or on-the-go, you want a set of resistance bands.

And there's never been a better time to buy some, with several sets discounted by up to 75% on Cyber Monday. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite offers to help you improve your strength and flexibility without stretching your budget. 

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Cyber Monday resistance band deals in the US

Whatafit Resistance Bands Set | was $39.66 now $124.37 at Amazon

Whatafit Resistance Bands Set | was $39.66, now $124.37 at Amazon

This set comes with five bands, ranging from 10lbs up to 50lbs. There's a clip and handle for each one, so you can use them alone or attach the included door anchor and ankle straps. you even get a carrying bag to keep everything collected together for easy storage. 

Centr Fitness Essentials Kit | was $149.99 now $69 at Walmart

Centr Fitness Essentials Kit | was $149.99, now $69 at Walmart

This fitness essentials kit from Centr, Chris Hemsworth's workout app, bundles together an exercise mat, a set of resistance bands, and a protein shaker. Impressively, you also get a three-month subscription to Centr for free, worth $60. 

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands |was $20.95now $12.95 at Amazon

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands | was $20.95, now $12.95 at Amazon

Save 38% on this five-band set of looped resistance bands. They come with a convenient carry case and the bands are color-coded so you can quickly find the right one. Each band is a different resistance, ranging from extra light up to extra heavy. 

Yiwula Resistance Band | was $5.99 now $3.69 at Walmart

Yiwula Resistance Band | was $5.99, now $3.69 at Walmart

If you're after a resistance band to help deepen some stretches, this is a great value option. Although they come in several colors, there's only a single resistance level, but with this 38% discount, the band is cheaper than getting a takeout coffee. 

Hoocan Resistance Bands | was $19.99, now $9.96 at Amazon

Hoocan Resistance Bands | was $19.99, now $9.96 at Amazon

For just under $10, you get three resistance bands made of natural rubber. Each band is 59 inches long, so you can wrap them around trees, loop over doors, or attach to other supports. All of these bands are the same resistance, so they're ideal if you like keeping a few around the house. 

SARORRA Resistance Bands | was $12.99, now $7.28 at Amazon

SARORRA Resistance Bands | was $12.99, now $7.28 at Amazon

This great value set comes with four bands of varying resistance, ranging from 10lbf (pounds of force) through to 25lbf. They're made from natural latex and are 10.43 inches long, so would make a good companion for squats and other lower body workouts. 

Cyber Monday resistance band deals in the UK

Myprotein Resistance Bands Two-Pack | was £16,now £3.99 at MyProtein

Myprotein Resistance Bands Two-Pack | was £16, now £3.99 at MyProtein 

With a huge 75% discount, this might just be the smartest Black Friday fitness purchase going. For less than £4, this compact band offers resistances of 2-16kg (depending on how tight it is) and opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to exercises you can perform, making it a great on-the-go training tool. If this resistance sounds too light, the 11-36kg band is just £4.99 and the 23-54kg band can be picked up for £5.99 in the brand’s Cyber Monday sale

Bulk Short Resistance Band | was: £11.99,now £2.39 at Bulk

Bulk Short Resistance Band | was: £11.99, now £2.39 at Bulk

These shorter looped bands from Bulk are fantastic for lateral leg exercises like crab walks and clamshells. You can pick from a low, medium or heavy resistance, and save almost £10 in the Cyber Monday sale, with each one having its price reduced from £11.99 to £2.39.

FitBeast Pull-Up Bands | as £42.99,now £31.99 at Amazon

FitBeast Pull-Up Bands | was £42.99, now £31.99 at Amazon

You can pick up a full set of five resistance bands from FitBeast for under £35 this Cyber Monday. Each band offers a different resistance to suit all strengths and fitness levels, allowing you to perform everything from squats to bicep curls. These longer looped bands are also fantastic for assisted pull-ups. 

I've always thought that weights were the only way to build muscle, but I changed my mind when I started researching resistance bands vs weights. Unless you're lifting heavy loads, resistance bands can still offer an effective strength workout. 

Plus, the money I save by ditching weights can go on other stuff, like my annual subscription to Chris Hemsworth's workout app, Centr. Helpfully, most of the app's routines offer modifications for when you're exercising without weights. 

Leaving dumbbells or kettlebells behind won't work for everyone, so if you're after a way to pick up some new muscle-building equipment without breaking the bank, be sure to check out our roundup of all this year's Cyber Monday weights deals

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