Workout: This 20-minute weight loss routine is perfect for every fitness level

This full-body weight loss workout will put you through your paces, whether you're a beginner or advanced fitness fan

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We know it's hard to fit the best exercises for weight loss into your busy day. The time it takes to go for a 45-minute run, or to head to the gym, shower, change, complete a workout and come back, is a big ask even without the stress of children or a busy work life. The time it takes might even discourage you from exercising at all, especially if you're new to fitness.

Fortunately, you can always follow along to one of our quick-fire workouts like this one. Expert PT Jemma Thomas took us through a quick 20-minute HIIT session you can do in your front room. Check it out below:

Jemma's session is so good because it works no matter your fitness level. As well as motivating you throughout the whole workout, Jemma offers alternative moves if you suffer from mobility issues, or you need to adjust the difficulty of the workout. 

Too often, we try workouts that are too challenging and get discouraged. Since the important thing is to complete, enjoy and continue to work out, Jemma's alternative moves allow people of lots of different fitness levels to follow along throughout the whole 20 minutes. 

In addition, her core-focused HIIT workout approach is great for weight loss. A study published in the journal Diabetologia found HIIT reduced hypertension and improved cardiovascular health, in addition to boosting our metabolism to help us lose weight. It also made the body more resistant to the effects of glucose in our bloodstream, so we gain less fat from eating sugar. 

You can begin gaining all these benefits with just 20 minutes of exercise, which you don't even have to leave the house for. All you need is a little bit of floorspace, a bottle of water and some comfy exercise-friendly clothing. Now that's a workout. 


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