30 minutes, some dumbbells, and this HIIT workout to burn fat all over

If you're looking to burn fat, improve your strength, and build muscle definition then 30 minutes of HIIT is a great solution

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Lots of people seek convenience when it comes to exercise and this is one of the many reasons why High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is so popular people. 

Alternating from short bursts of intense exercise into lower intensity recovery periods for a set amount of time can be a really quick and effective way to burn fat quickly. This 30-minute HIIT workout using some of the best adjustable dumbbells will do this and help you to improve your strength and muscle definition.

Using a HIIT workout for fat loss is really great for anyone who prefers training at home and the certified personal trainer behind this routine, Heather Roberston, has created heaps of online workouts in accordance with this workout format for people to follow.

Half an hour is a manageable amount of exercise time for most people as it can be fitted in before work, perhaps on your lunch break if you work from home. or even a quick pre-dinner full-body session. Speaking of meals, always make sure your diet is supporting your exercise by eating plenty of protein to help with muscle repair and growth. Some of the best protein powders for weight loss are more convenient for those who struggle to pack lots of protein into their diet.

According to a study published in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 30-minutes of HIIT burned up to 25-30% more calories than 30-minutes of more steady-state exercise including running, weight training, and biking. HIIT training clearly has its perks and this 30-minute routine is a great example.

Watch Heather Robertson's Total Body 30-minute HIIT workout

The full workout includes six different supersets that combine dumbbells, and resistance exercises with body-weight exercises in order for your body to benefit from both cardio and strength-based training. Supersets are when you perform a set of two separate exercises back-to-back with a short rest period in between. In the case of this routine, you will work for 45 seconds on an exercise, take a 15-second rest and then repeat each superset for two rounds in total.

Not all HIIT workouts require weights but the addition of dumbbells to this 30-minute routine will really help to maximize the effects of each exercise on your muscles. Plus, this routine targets your whole body so you will be toning and strengthening areas like your quads, glutes, core, arms, and shoulders.

If you enjoy the concept of HIIT and like how efficient this style of workout is but worry it might be too high-impact for your liking, there are more joint-friendly options out there. Why not try this low-impact Pilates HIIT workout that only takes twenty minutes and will help improve your flexibility.

Always make sure you leave at least five minutes to cool down, complete some gentle stretching, and use one of the best foam rollers on your muscles to help prevent muscle tightness or inflammation and increase your joint range of motion.

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