Build bigger arms with this 15-minute dumbbell routine

The short, intense workout develops functional muscle, training your forearms, triceps, and biceps

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For many people, building arm muscle is one of the key goals of any training program. If you're short on time, this 15-minute dumbbell workout will help you train intensely around your schedule. 

You'll need a set of the best adjustable dumbbells, but these flexible space-saving weights are an excellent addition to any home gym. They're adaptable, so you can quickly switch loads for specific moves.

This short routine comes from fitness YouTuber Fraser Wilson. He's known for quick, intense workouts designed to blast fat and build muscle. Importantly, you can follow along to perfect your form. 

In less than a quarter of an hour, you'll fit in 14 moves designed to work your forearms, triceps, and biceps. This is important not just for the visual effect but also for developing functional arm muscle. 

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Watch Fraser Wilson's 15-minute dumbbell workout

It's a varied and intense workout designed to help you fit strength training into your busy day. To get through the routine, you'll do each move for 30 seconds with 30 seconds of rest before the next one. 

If you're new to this style of resistance training or returning to it after a break, you'll probably feel the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Fortunately, there are ways to aid DOMS recovery

Even with these tips, it's still important to rest your muscles between workouts. Wilson suggests using this routine up to twice a week, but you can stay active and work alternative areas throughout the week. 

The best workouts for abs are a great option for the between days, as the moves are designed to build core strength. Six-pack abs are visually appealing, but this mid-body muscle plays other vital roles. 

Your core plays a crucial role in stability and injury prevention, both of which are important during any dumbbell workout. It also promotes good circulation, which aids post-workout muscle recovery. 

Alternatively, you could pick up one of the best kettlebells. These off-center weights are an excellent way to improve stability, work your core, but also develop arm muscle. 

Moving the weight around gets your heart rate up, so it's a great way to burn fat and lose weight. If you couple this kettlebell HIIT with Wilson's dumbbell routine, you'll be on the path to lean muscle in no time. 

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