Build core strength and full-body muscle in 15 minutes with this seven-move dumbbell workout

Protect yourself from injury, develop stronger bones, and grow your muscles all over using this full-body routine

A woman performing the dumbbell floor press in a garden
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Adding dumbbells into your home workouts is a great way to step up your training. Case in point: this workout will develop full-body strength, boost your bone health and build muscle all over using just a couple of weights. 

If you're regularly training at home, it's worth investing in a set of the best adjustable dumbbells. These combine several weights in one, so you can gradually increase the load as you get stronger, though a fixed weight set will work just fine for this session. 

Created by Rachael Sacerdoti, a qualified personal trainer and founder of coaching program It's So Simple, the muscle-building session consists of seven moves performed as a circuit for three rounds. 

"Using dumbbells for exercises can create resistance that challenges your muscles, leading to increased strength gains and muscle growth," explains Sacerdoti.

"Since dumbbells are unstable, using them requires you to engage your core muscles to stabilize and control the weights during each exercise. This engagement enhances your core strength and also forces you to focus on your form."

Watch Sacerdoti demonstrate each movement, then give this routine a go for yourself. You'll notice she uses a weight bench for a few of the exercises, but you can perform all three by using a sturdy chair or even just a yoga mat on the floor. 

Watch Rachael Sacerdoti's full-body dumbbell workout

This is an example of resistance (or strength) training, featuring a series of exercises that force your muscles to support an external load — in this case, the dumbbells. You'll build muscle, but that's not the only benefit. 

"Strength training exercises place stress on your bones, stimulating bone-forming cells and enhancing bone density. By engaging in full-body workouts with dumbbells, you can help to strengthen your bones and increase resilience."

This will make your body more robust, helping protect your bones against future injuries. Sacerdoti's low-impact routine (no running or jumping) is also easier on your joints and a lot quieter than burpees, so its ideal if you're in an apartment or need to keep the noise down.

If you want to add this workout into your weekly plans, Sacerdoti says it's "perfect for those seeking a quick but intense session to help boost their energy levels". And if you have the time,  Sacerdoti suggests "pairing this circuit with cardio exercises". 

This HIIT workout for fat loss is an ideal companion, with five bodyweight moves to work your core, raise your heart rate, and boost your metabolism. It's an ideal option if you're looking to drop fat or lose a few pounds. 

Harry Bullmore
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