Build leg muscle with this eight-minute low impact leg workout

This lower body routine is great for developing leg muscle and takes less than ten minutes to complete

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If you dread hitting leg day, then hopefully this Chris Heria workout that only takes eight minutes to complete sounds a little more agreeable. There's no need to worry about equipment, as you will only need to use your body weight in this routine to build muscle in your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

The great thing about some of the best leg workouts is they are often low impact, meaning you aren't required to do lots of jumping, running and other high-impact movements which may cause stress on your joints. This is better for avoiding injury if you're an older exerciser, or someone new to fitness. If you do suffer from weak or sore joints, taking one of the best supplements for joints is another way to keep those bones healthy, mobile and pain-free.

The lower body workout in the video below was created by fitness instructor and founder of the ThenX fitness program, Chris Heria. He will walk you through the full workout with guided demonstrations on how to perform all eight of the exercises.

You will perform each exercise for 45 seconds, and then take 15 seconds off for rest.
Heria said, "This will make the workout way more efficient and effective, as well as burn more calories," he added, "And creating more time under tension allowing our muscles to reach our hypertrophy helping us to create more strength and muscle."

The ThenX YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers offering countless videos showing how people can use their own bodyweight to build and develop strength at home. Watch the video below to see how to train your legs in under ten minutes.

Watch Chris Heria's eight-minute home leg workout

Your leg muscles are essential in everyday activity, as well as performance in sports. The gluteus maximus, quadriceps, and hamstrings are some of the largest muscles in the body.

In this short leg workout, Heria uses some traditional leg exercises such as squats and lunges and mixes things up by using common home furniture items like a stool to complete laying down donkey kicks. 

If you don't live nearby to a gym or begrudge spending money on a membership for one, this style of calisthenic training will serve you well. Below is a list of the exercises involved in this workout and how long your active and rest periods should be for each.

  • Squats 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest
  • Single leg glute bridge 22 seconds each side 15 seconds rest 
  • Assisted pistol squat 22 seconds on each side 15 seconds rest 
  • Side Lunge 22 seconds on each side 15 seconds rest 
  • Step up 22 seconds each side 15 seconds rest
  • Laying donkey kicks 45 seconds 15 seconds rest  
  • Curtesy lunges 22 seconds on each side 15 seconds rest 
  • Calf raises 45 seconds on

Don't forget to include plenty of protein in your diet if muscle building is one of your fitness goals. Some people find it tricky to fit large amounts of protein into their daily diet. If that's you, consider adding one of the best protein powders for weight loss into your diet as a way to slot in additional protein without packing on extra carbs.

If you've ever wondered 'does protein build muscle?' the answer is a resounding yes. Dietary protein acts as the building blocks for your body to grow muscle properly, as the microtears you create during a resistance training workout heal and grow back stronger.

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