Build strength without weights thanks to this superset HIIT workout

With this intense HIIT routine, you'll do 16 supersets in 30 minutes to increase strength and burn fat at the same time

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You never want to feel las if you are missing out on something when you have to workout from home. But with supersetted HIIT workouts you can be sure to improve both your muscle strength and overall fitness at home while burning calories over this festive period.

With the Omicron variant spreading around right now people are beginning to avoid gyms again and working out from home offers the ideal time for you to perfect exercises like how to do a push up properly. Or if you do own your own fitness equipment, like a set of best adjustable dumbbells, then you can also increase muscle mass with weight training at home.

But for this 30-minute workout shared by personal trainer and lifestyle coach DanielPT, all you need is yourself and a bench, chair, or step to complete this intense superset HIIT session.

This workout includes 16 supersets in total, each designed to get your heart rate up as well as challenging your various different muscle groups. 

Daniel runs you through the workout for the duration of the video so that you can mirror his moves and take appropriate rests - as little as the breaks are for this routine!


The American Heart Association recommends strength training at least two times a week because having strong muscles can make other daily activities easier, it is good for injury prevention and can boost your metabolic rate, meaning you can burn more calories even when your body is resting.

Resistance training doesn't have to be with a big heavy weighted barbell. You can also benefit from adding lighter free weights such as a best kettlebell to exercises like the squat or to an overhead arm press. 

Or you can simply use bodyweight, also known as callisthenic exercises to resistance train. It's up to you if you want to combine weight training with your cardio activity or keep these forms of physical activities separated into different training days.

For this DanielPT workout you will combine strength and cardio training into one session, lasting half an hour. 

It uses sixteen supersets which means you will perform each exercise for 40 seconds each but for the first move of each superset you will perform this slow and controlled. For the second movement of each superset you should make this fast and explosive.

You should give yourself a 15-second rest between each exercise and a 20-second rest between each superset. Allow yourself a 50-second water break after the first half is complete. It is a good idea to keep a best water bottle nearby you during any workout, especially so when it is of high intensity like this superset HIIT routine.

If you wish to increase the intensity of this particular workout, DanielPT suggests repeating this routine for two to three rounds depending on your fitness level.

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