Burn calories fast with this 5,000-step walking workout

This no-equipment routine is fast-paced without being high impact, making it great for targeting weight loss while looking out for your joints

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No equipment workouts can get a bit complicated when they are packed with lots of complex exercises to perform. Sometimes the simpler a workout is, the more efficient the results are, and this low-impact fast walking workout is a perfect example. Just by walking indoors for 50-minutes, you can burn up to 450 calories.

If you have good weather and suitable footwear like some of our best shoes for walking then by all means walking outdoors is great for burning fat and is known to be great for people's mental wellbeing. But you can still walk towards your weight loss goals at home.

With this walking workout made by the Burpee Girl you can keep things nice and joint-friendly all the while burning plenty of calories. She has cut out high-intensity moves and any jumping and instead kept things step-based.

Moving at a fast pace you will complete five rounds of walking-based exercises and get in around 5,000 steps per round. If you like to track your daily activity on one of the best fitness trackers, this routine will certainly boost your daily steps. The number of calories burned from this session will vary from person, depending on individual body compositions and levels of fitness.

It will take 50 minutes in total to complete. If you factor in the time it takes to get ready to leave the house for a walk or a commute to the gym, this can be a time-efficient way to work out on a busy schedule.



This workout is suitable for anyone to try whether you exercise regularly, you're a complete beginner or you struggle with joint pain and need to avoid any intense high-impact movement.

Those embarking on a weight loss journey will know how important it can be to manage something known as a calorie deficit. Learning how to create a calorie deficit to lose weight is all down to consuming fewer calories than you burn. So incorporating a workout like this one into your regime is a good idea as you will finish it having burned plenty of calories.

It's not all down to exercise though, nutrition is equally, if not more important. While lowering your calorie intake plays a big part in weight loss you can also improve your progress by packing in as many nutrient-rich foods as possible. For example, eating a diet rich in protein is great for boosting your metabolism and keeping you fuller for longer. Try adding one of the best protein powders for weight loss into your meal plans to increase your intake.

If you're looking to shed fat and tone up as well then resistance training can really help to achieve this. Strength training burns fat and it builds muscle mass and definition leaving your body looking fitter and healthier overall. Why not learn how to use free weight exercise to build muscle.

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