Burn excess body fat and improve strength with this whole body kettlebell workout

This quick kettlebell workout is a great way to kickstart a new fitness regime for weight loss – while helping you build muscle

Man uses kettlebells as he performs a lunge during a workout
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It's the beginning of a new year and lots of people will be working toward new fitness and weight loss goals. Managing weight gain isn't all about how you look but also has a lot to do with how you feel and most importantly, your long-lasting health. 

This is why finding achievable and accessible fitness is so great. Not everyone will have the money or space to facilitate a fully decked out gym in their own home but everyone can try out things like the best workouts for abs, which require no equipment but can be really effective for transforming your fitness.

But if you are looking to add more variety to your home workouts, then getting one of the best kettlebell options to train with could be the next step for you. The kettlebell is a super versatile weight that can be used for compound movements or added to a high rep cardio workout or to lower rep heavy weighted lifting.

You will just need one bell for this whole body kettlebell routine shared by Tiktokers fitt.sauce, also known as Aubri and Liv. 

The workout includes eight moves and, depending on how you feel after completing it, you can attempt additional rounds if you really want to improve your endurance and see noticeable strength improvements. Check out the full routine below:



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For this circuit, the fitt.sauce girls each used one 20lbs kettlebell each. Over on their Instagram page, they recommend you use a weight that challenges you. With this in mind, you should always ensure you don't lift heavier than you can manage to avoid injury. 

You can buy yourself a set of kettlebells so that you can work up weights as you train or you can just use one that you are able to lift while performing a range of different exercises to different intensities. Alternatively, a set of best adjustable dumbbells may suit you better. They provide multiple weight sizes in one and are extremely space-efficient when it comes to storing them away.

Adding weight to your workouts will not only increase your strength and muscle endurance but will help speed up fat loss. Performing exercises like the kettlebell swing (which is included in this workout) can be an effective way of raising your heart rate, increasing the number of calories burned.

If you want to try out the kettlebell circuit for yourself or incorporate certain exercises into your current fitness training, we've included all the moves below for you to copy.


  1. Kettlebell swings - 20 reps
  2. Single arm upright rows - 12 reps each side
  3. Low lateral lunges - 30 reps
  4. Static lunges - 12 reps each side
  5. Kettlebell bicep curls - 20 reps
  6. Squat to weighted jump squat - 12 reps
  7. Standing oblique crunch - 20 reps
  8. Deadlift to goblet squat - 20 reps

It is a good idea to spare some time after your workout to stretch out and relieve any tension in your muscles after performing this wide range of weighted exercises. 

Using one of our best yoga mats to regularly stretch can do wonders for your mobility. This can help both your fitness performance and your overall ease at completing everyday tasks such as bending down from the waist.

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