Can you take on the 100-burpee challenge with this Miami fitness trainer?

Fitness trainer Starr Hawkins has brought her distinctive "twerk burpee" challenge to London: 100 reps in five minutes

Burpee challenge
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Fitness influencer and twerk master Starr Hawkins has temporarily swapped sunny Miami for the colder climates of London, UK, and has put herself to the test with this unique burpee challenge. Burpees are already well-known for being one of the best exercises for weight loss, but Starr's found a way to make them even harder. 

The 32-year-old trainer followed her British boyfriend Cyrus Starboy to West London, far away from the beautiful beaches and picturesque palm trees of South Beach, where she grew up. However, the determined personal trainer is quickly conquering the London fitness industry with her unique Miami flair. 

Starr notes that the biggest differences between Miami and London is not only the weather but the dress code that comes with it: “Miami is all skin, sex sells, it’s just a hot city.” Known as the “butt girl” and “the booty sculptor” back home, Starr is an expert in building a bigger booty and has clients queing up to get a taste of her unique workout routine. 

She told Truly: “If you work out with me, you’re going to have a nice butt.” The fitness guru is best known for her twerk exercises such as the “twerk burpee”, which other than being great fun, is a full body workout. 

She added: “I think it’s awesome when somebody is twerking, even if they’re off beat but they’re giving it their all.” With her impressive Instagram following clinging on to her every move, Starr pushes herself to deliver new and exciting content to engage her audience. She now wants to take on a new challenge, and in the video above, attempts to perform 100 of her distinctive burpees in under five minutes. 

Burpee challenge

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Starr's burpees aren't just good fun: the small twists added on act to work your obliques in the same manner as the bicycle crunch. Obliques are very important to the "trunk" of your body, keeping you strong and stable as well as looking fit and toned. 

This is in addition to all the other myriad benefits to the burpee: it works your glutes and legs of course, combining a squat and a jump. Doing 100 burpees in quick succession will really test your lower body to its limits. 

The demand this full-body move places on your energy reserves also makes it a really efficient way to burn fat: essential if you're looking how to get a slim waist. Check out our how to do burpees guide for a more thorough breakdown. 


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