Got nowhere to walk nearby? Here’s a home walking workout to keep fit in 6,000 steps

Regular walking has many benefits, such as fighting off harmful health risks like obesity and diabetes

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Not everyone is spoiled with scenic and accessible walking routes near where they live. But this doesn't mean you can't walk full-stop, and certainly doesn't mean you can't experience the many benefits of walking. You can start right now from your bedroom or living room with this home walking workout that has you complete 6,000 steps in just 45-minutes.

Even those who do live in walkable cities and neighborhoods may find they don't get much wear out of their best shoes for walking over the colder months. Hence why more and more people now have home gyms fully equipped with some of the best kettlebells, as well as bigger pieces of workout equipment like the best elliptical machines

If improving your basic fitness, keeping your weight down, and avoiding unwanted health risks is your main priority, then you should consider walking more often. Recent research published in the Endocrine Reviews journal discovered that 'walkable, activity-friendly' cities and neighborhoods presented a lower risk of obesity and diabetes to their denizens. 

Don't fret if your neighborhood doesn't reflect the 'walkability' element mentioned in the study above. Certified aerobics trainer and fitness influencer, YanaFit, will take you through a calorie-burning walking workout designed for home use. 

The walking session takes 45 minutes in total and will have you alternating from 30 seconds performing different step-based exercises, to 30 seconds of low-intensity walking. You should have completed around 6,000 steps by the time you finish the routine.


This kind of workout is especially helpful for anyone living in built-up areas where there isn't anywhere pleasant to enjoy a walk outdoors or where it's easier to depend on public transport to get around.

Despite walking being classed as a low-impact form of exercise, it is great for burning calories, managing weight loss, improving fitness and cardio health. Other scientific research even discovered that walking three hours a week helps prevent early death.

Plus, the workout above isn't the only way to spice up a walking-based bout of exercise. If you have access to one of the best treadmills from our roundup you can use the 12-3-30 workout for weight loss in our guide here.

As well as having a good level of cardio-based fitness, strength training will also keep your physique in a fit and healthy condition. A cheap way to build on strength and muscle endurance at home is by incorporating some of the best resistance bands into simple exercises like squats or bicep curls.

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