How to clean a mattress, according to this TikTok housekeeper

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? We show you how its done

How to clean a mattress
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"Let me ask you something: when was the last time you cleaned your mattress?" says TikTok influencer Vanesa Valdez. Even if you sweat at night or you've dropped coffee or wine onto the sheets, we're betting your mattress doesn't get much more than a sheet change. Which is a shame, as cleaning your mattress can alleviate itching and allergies caused by dust mites and prevent your exposure to potentially harmful bacteria. 

Besides, a clean mattress certainly makes for better bedrest. Even clean sheets can do the trick – the National Sleep Foundation found a clean environment helps 75% of  people polled get better quality sleep, due to the lack of the sleep-harming anxiety effects of clutter. 

Housekeeper and TikTok guru Vanesa Valdez has posted a video to her 2.6 million followers, showing off her mattress-cleaning routine. Here it is in full: 


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The folks at Mattress Online have also provided similar guidance on how to clean your mattress. Want a clean bedroom environment? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Remove and wash your bedding. Start by taking your sheets, pillows and duvet off the bed and putting them on a hot wash to kill any germs and dust mites. Tumble-dry your bedding on a high heat if you can.
  • Vacuum your mattress and bed. Carefully vacuum your mattress in small sections, paying particular attention to seams, corners and crevices where dust can build up. Take care not to damage the cover or dislodge the mattress fillings. Remember to vacuum underneath your bed and down the sides if your bed is pushed up against a wall.
  • Deodorise your mattress with baking soda. Lightly sprinkle a small amount of baking soda over your mattress. Baking soda helps to absorb moisture and keep your mattress smelling clean and fresh. Let it sit for at least an hour - the longer, the better. Vacuum thoroughly to remove it.
  • Spot clean any mattress stains with detergent. Use a mild detergent and warm water to spot-clean your mattress. Use a clean, damp cloth and take care not to over-soak. Air thoroughly to ensure it's properly dry before you put the bedding back on. 
  • Flip your mattress and repeat. If your mattress is double-sided you'll need to clean the other side by repeating steps one to four. However, if your mattress is single-sided, simply vacuum the underside to keep it dust-free.

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