It only takes four moves and 16 minutes to develop muscle all over

Strengthen your entire body, build a rock solid core and have fun with this quick, creative full-body workout

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Working out can be great fun, especially with a varied training routine. However, when so many home workouts rely on endless sets of squats, push-ups and sit-ups, they can grow a bit stale. 

That's not the case with this four-move session from trainer Tanya Poppett (opens in new tab), which combines four creative exercises sure to freshen up your fitness routine and strengthen your entire body. 

All you need is a couple of dumbbells. If you regularly train at home, it's worth investing in a set of the best adjustable dumbbells (opens in new tab), as you can change the weight to suit your strength, but Poppett shows that a fixed weight set (or even a pair of filled water bottles) will also work just fine. 

To try this workout for yourself, complete each exercise as a circuit for 40 seconds followed by a 20-second rest. Repeat this circuit for four rounds in total for a 16-minute muscle-builder. 

Whether you're new to these exercises or could use a refresher, watch Poppett's demonstrations in the video below to learn how to execute each one with perfect form to improve your technique and get the most from your training. 

Watch Tanya Poppett's full-body workout

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Four movements might not seem like a lot for a full-body workout, but Poppett manages to hit your upper and lower body using cleverly programmed compound exercises (opens in new tab)

These are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once, making them a great option for time-efficient strength training. 

For example, the renegade bear rows work your back muscles and biceps to pull the dumbbell into your body, while your shoulders and triceps are also called into action to help support your bodyweight in the plank position. 

Not only this, but the renegade bear row (along with all of the exercises in this workout) also offers a comprehensive core workout (opens in new tab)

This is because your deep-lying core muscles like the transversus abdominis are recruited to keep your spine strong and stable, while the internal and external obliques (opens in new tab) (sometimes called "side abs") kick into gear to stop your torso from rotating. 

The result? A quick, efficient and effective workout that will help strengthen muscles all over your body. Not bad for 16 minutes of effort, eh?

If you want more full-body workouts, why not try this dumbbell session (opens in new tab) that takes just 25 minutes. Or, you're in need of a rest day after tackling Poppett's tough workout, why not try a lower-intensity activity like these anti-aging yoga moves (opens in new tab)

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