Watch: Kick-start 2021 with our martial arts weight loss workout

This capoeira-inspired martial arts workout from a top PT is great for weight loss and metabolic conditioning

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If 2020 taught us anything, it's that we need to be ready for anything. And there's nothing like practicing dynamic kicks and martial arts punches to make you really feel ready to take on anything life throws at you in 2021. 

For this week's video workout, we asked Wild Training owner and top UK PT James Griffiths to take over our Instagram feed, and he hosted a live dynamic workout based on the Brazilian martial art of capoeira. For added realism, pop some Brazilian beats in your best workout earbuds and get into the flow of the workout.

Want to get fighting fit? Follow along with James' workout below. We hope you've limbered up...

What is capoeira?

This workout is based on a Brazilian movement art that's half martial art and half elaborate dance. Capoeira is a dynamic, flowing art, usually set to traditional Brazilian music, where two practitioners dodge each other's techniques and execute cartwheels, handstands and high kicks around the ring.

Why should you try this workout?

Of course, you won't be asked to do any headspins today, but Griffiths' workout takes capoeira's flow, performs the movements slowly to help you follow it better and combines them with more traditional exercises like squats for added strength benefits. 

With high kicks and moves involving crouching and dodging from side-to-side, this workout is all about flexibility and fitness. Your hamstrings, hip flexors, arms, back and core muscles will all stay loose and limber. Crawling around on the floor works your core and your arms, a technique pro fighters like Conor McGregor use to stay in battle-ready shape.

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