Workout: How to improve your core strength at home (in just three minutes)

This short-but-sweet workout from a top London PT will improve your core in three minutes flat, no equipment needed

Core strength workout
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Want to improve your core strength, but just getting back into fitness (or even for the first time) in 2021? While many people might be able to tackle some of our best exercises for weight loss straight away, a lot of these are very high-impact, intense exercises, and won't be suitable for everybody. 

If kettlebell swings and burpees look intimidating, you could try this three minute restorative fitness workout from top PT Louisa Drake, in a video created exclusively for Fit&Well. Drake's method doesn't contain any high-impact movements: it's all done on the hands and knees, which is great for people with weight or joint issues. 

Check the video out in full below:

Core strength: Why do this workout?

Drake's workout will tone your arms, legs, shoulders and, most importantly, your core. If you're looking to progress to more advanced exercises later in the year, this a great foundation on which to build. You don't even need any kit: just a bit of floor space and one of our best yoga mats.  

Your core is used in every single exercise you can think of, from maintaining correct form while running or lifting weights, to twisting and turning while you dance, box, roller-skate or perform virtually any active discipline. A strong core even helps in old age: one study found core strength was essential in maintaining stability in the elderly, helping them with mobility and performing everyday tasks.

Speaking of mobility, this workout will also help you stretch your hips and hamstrings, improving the range of motion in those areas. If you do start running or playing sports later down the line, a greater range of motion will prevent injury. 

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