Real Life Weight loss: How this man lost 180lbs and got in shape during lockdown

Chris Huerta lost 180lbs and kept it off, even after personal tragedy and a tough period during lockdown

Real Life Weight Loss
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After experiencing two traumatic events on the same day, Chris Huerta decided to turn his life around and lose an incredible 180lbs. 

In 2016, Chris, 29, from California, weighed 380lbs. He had struggled with his weight since he was 11 and was living on a diet of junk food and takeout. Now, he can be seen playing basketball, eating healthy and exercising using only a set of the best adjustable dumbbells and some makeshift outdoor fitness exercises. 

The motivation for change came from a moment of personal hardship: a friend's suicide and his mum being sent to jail. Chris told our sibling YouTube channel Truly: “I found out about both things on the same day and I was really depressed and felt like a prisoner in my own body.” 

Watch: Chris' inspiring weight loss journey here

With the help of a friend, he started a diet plan and lost almost 40lbs in the first six weeks. “My diet was strict for nine months, I didn’t deviate or have any cheat meals,” he said. 

Chris began to run two miles and commit to an hour of intense cardio and weight lifting per day. Over time, he began to see a difference. Since beginning his journey in 2016, Chris has lost an amazing 180lbs, currently weighing 200lbs. 

When lockdown began due to the pandemic, he knew he wanted to remain fit and healthy, and managed to lose a further 66lbs. Chris says the only plan he has for the future is to remain fit, and has no desire for skin removal surgery. “My loose skin is a badge of honour and a proof of my hard work,” he said. “It will always keep me on track.”

Man performing box jumps

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In addition to a strict diet plan, Chris can be seen doing loads of cross-training, HIIT focused exercises such as box jumps, or exercises that work a combination of different muscle groups such as dumbbell renegade rows. 

These simple, effective exercises are among the best exercises for weight loss, and it just goes to show that you don't need a gym to exercise and make the most out of your space. All you need is a bit of willpower, 30 minutes (and perhaps some of the best cross training shoes for multi-discipline workouts) to get started. 

Matt Evans

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