Real life weight loss: How this woman lost 100lbs in 18 months (and 250lbs overall)

Corey Hyland lost 250lbs over a decade of persistent work, but 100lbs of that weight loss occurred in the last 18 months alone

Brand New Me
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Just  as the colour of her eyes and hair have always been the same shade of brown, Corey Hyland says she can only ever remember being overweight. Describing her pattern of overeating as being “hardwired differently”, Corey recalls eating whole loaves of bread as a child but still wanting more to eat. 

By the time she was a teenager Corey had been declared morbidly obese by doctors and she stopped looking at the weighing scales. As a result, Corey doesn’t know her heaviest weight, other than it was in the 400lb range. 

A decade ago, without ever imagining she would be able to transform her body, Corey decided to make changes to her diet to try and lose some weight. Despite dropping some pounds, Corey had setbacks along the way and says the big change only happened a few years ago when she started working out with a personal trainer. And in the last year, she lost the biggest amount of weight: an incredible 100lbs. 

Below, you can see her story in a video recorded for online documentary series Brand New Me:

Watch Corey's incredible weight loss transformation story here:

But with that dramatic weight loss came 10lbs of excess skin that left Corey feeling underwhelmed with what her body now looked like. Having excess skin removal surgery was the final reward for all the hard work Corey and determination Corey had shown.

One of the biggest changes Corey made in the last 18 months, in which she lost 100lbs of weight, was working out with a personal trainer, a choice which can make all the difference. Having a partner to ensure accountability can ensure you stay on-track, eating and exercising right – and using a professional rather than a friend can be extra effective, as you're making an investment in yourself.

A 2015 study published in the Journal of Health Communication looked at participants in weight loss challenges, and found those with accountability partners lost more weight, and removed more inches from their waist, than participants who took on the challenge solo. Get your family, friends and a personal trainer involved to really see a difference in your progress. 

As well adjusting portion sizes (see our portion size guide for more info) Corey can also be seen doing some of the best exercises for weight loss and sipping frequently from one of the best water bottles for the gym. Water is vital for weight loss: if our body is hydrated, it functions normally, increasing our metabolisms. Water also acts as a natural appetite suppressant. 

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