Real life weight loss: How this woman lost 105lbs after getting pregnant at 21

Brianna became a single mother and decided to turn her life around for her daughter, losing 105lbs

Real life weight loss: Brianna's dramatic transformation
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Brianna, from New York, has credited becoming a mother and the Covid-19 pandemic for helping her to lose 130lbs and become the best version of herself. Brianna Oyewo has spent the last year getting fit and healthy after having a “lightbulb moment” after the birth of her daughter in late 2019. 

Brianna, who at her heaviest weighed 281lbs, has lost 130lbs in a year where the world shut down due to the Coronavirus. 

Brianna told our sibling YouTube channel Truly: “The pandemic helped me reset because I had more time to reflect and make changes.” At her heaviest, Brianna couldn’t walk or exercise without feeling exhausted and out of breath. She knew she had to make changes once her daughter came, especially when the threat of the virus followed.

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“I was very concerned,” she said. “I wanted to be here for my daughter, I knew I needed to do something.” Brianna, who has struggled with weight since childhood, started making small changes first, such as walks with her daughter. 

Soon, she began working out each day, doing online HIIT classes at home using some of the best online personal trainer and fitness apps. “I haven’t been to the gym throughout my entire health and wellness journey,” she said. “Everything has been home workouts which is super convenient.” 

While the gym is full of all manner of fitness equipment, it can be intimidating for first-timers (and as a busy parent, Brianna may have struggled to get time to go to the gym). Home workouts incorporating some of the best exercises for weight loss such as skipping, burpees and more moves perfect for HIIT workouts can help kick-start weight loss at home. 

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In the last year, Brianna has transformed herself from overweight to a fit and healthy mum. “My biggest reward is being able to go to the playground and run around after my daughter,” Brianna revealed. “Being able to engage more actively with her is the best benefit.” 

She's also now a personal trainer, helping to transform others. Accountability is a huge factor in maintaining weight loss and realising your goals, and having a partner who's already been though that challenge is certainly inspiring. One European Society of Cardiology study found participants with a workout or accountability partner were over twice as likely to lose a "significant" amount of body fat within just one year.

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