Real life weight loss: This woman lost 90lbs (and sustained it for 15 years)

Tameika Gentles, 34, was asked to book a second seat on an aeroplane at 19. She lost 90lbs in nine months (and kept it off)

Tameika showing off her weight loss transformation
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A woman who has maintained her 90lb weight loss for 15 years is now empowering thousands of women on their own wellness journey. Tameika Gentles, 34, weighed 230lbs at her heaviest and wasn’t able to go on theme park rides or fit into airplane seats. 

Tameika, who is from Toronto but currently lives in Germany, is now a certified personal trainer and wellness coach. Tameika told Truly: “I quit my corporate job to empower women on their journey, helping them take control of their health.” 

Tameika admits she has struggled with her weight most of her life. “My family loves food,” she said. “We’re of Jamaican descent so we would eat and we would eat well.” Fifteen years ago, Tameika decided enough was enough. 

Watch Tameika's inspiring weight loss story here:

After trying “every diet under the sun”, Tameika found a healthy balance of exercise and nutrition. She now trains four times a week and loves “the feeling of being empowered and strong and seeing what my body is able to do.”

After she lost the weight, Tameika would advise friends and family on how to do the same. She soon realised she could turn that advice into paid advice, so she quit her job and got certified. “I started helping people one-on-one,” she said. “Our ethos is to help people lose weight the holistic and sustainable way.” 

When Tameika looks in the mirror today, she sees “a woman who has beaten the odds”, and is proud of maintaining her healthy lifestyle. “A lot of people lose weight but it’s harder to sustain it.”

healthy diet swaps at dinnertime

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Tameika likes to train weights, and can be seen in the video above using some of the best adjustable dumbbells and best resistance bands to train with weights at home. Weight training might not be many people's first port of call for weight loss, it adjusts your body composition ratio - your amount of fat-to-muscle-to-bone. 

Reducing fat while increasing your amount of muscle is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Tamieka also had to wrestle control of her diet, finding a healthy solution without depriving herself. Many restrictive diets focus on cutting out whole food groups or deprivation, and it's these unsustainable diets which to "yo-yo dieting" behaviours. 

Eating lots of lean meats, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and consuming less refined sugar and processed foods is a great way to ensure you have a healthy, fulfilling diet without starving. Opt for some nutritious, lower-calorie swaps, cooking your favourites in a healthy way with tools such as the best air fryer and best health grills.   


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