Real life weight loss: How this Texas woman lost 193lbs in 18 months

Jessica, a nurse from Houston, went through an incredible fitness and weight loss transformation

Jessica from Houston, Texas, lost 193lbs in 18 months
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When she weighed 354lbs, Jessica felt twice her age. Despite being in her 30s, Jessica, of Houston, Texas, felt like she was in her 60s and struggled to move around. 

Years of comfort eating and consuming fast food led to Jessica feeling like she was headed towards her grave. After transforming her diet and signing up to the gym Jessica lost an amazing 193lbs in 18 months.

Jessica, who works as a nurse, got a wake up call when she did her CPR recertification and found it challenging. Jessica told our sibling YouTube channel, Truly: "Just performing my job was very hard, as a nurse. It was very hard on my back. When I did my recertification, I couldn't even get on my knees to demonstrate the CPR properly."

Fed up with how she felt, Jessica decided she needed to make serious changes. Jessica told Truly: “I just had that moment where I was like, it's enough. Like I've had enough, it's time to change. I cannot do this anymore. I want to be a 30-year-old, not feeling like I'm stuck in a 60-year-old body.” 

Watch Jessica's amazing transformation here:

Jessica worked out five times a week on a consistent basis, but the real kicker is that Jessica chooses not to eat processed foods anymore. She opts for lean high-protein, low-carb meals, supplementing with shakes made from low-carb, high-protein supplements: the best protein powder for weight loss

Jessica said: “When I look into the mirror and I’m just like, I actually don’t believe that I did this. I actually put in the work to make this happen.” The 34-year-old has a new lease for life, has gained confidence and signed up to compete in a transformation physique show in the future. 

She even did her CPR recertification with ease compared to two years ago. Jessica feels she has changed her life around and said: “I know that I’m healthy now, I feel the best I’ve ever felt, I look the best that I’ve ever felt and I’m just ready to celebrate.”

Jessica's focus is now on fat loss, rather than weight loss, so building lean muscle is a priority. Muscle actually helps you burn fat, raising your metabolic rate due to the blood flow and oxygen required to maintain it. You can build muscle in the gym with moves like squats, bench presses and deadlifts, but you can also start doing resistance training at home.

This might be with just your bodyweight (for example, re-learning how to do a push-up as you begin to build strength) or using some home equipment. Our guides to the best adjustable dumbbells or best resistance bands can help here.  

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