Six kettlebell exercises that will help you build full-body muscle

This simple but effective routine will help you develop strength without fancy equipment

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Doing full-body workouts is a time-efficient way of building muscle. You don’t need a lot of equipment to do these types of workout either just some free weights and a little space to move.

Personal trainer Becca Amber recently shared a six-move kettlebell workout that targets muscles in your upper and lower body. To do it, you just need to complete 10 repetitions of each exercise and repeat the routine a total of three times.

How to do Becca Amber's kettlebell workout

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You might find that you need to use a different kettlebell weight for certain exercises. For example, you might be able to lift heavier for the swings than you can for the overhead press.

Play around with different weights to find one that suits you; it should be challenging, but not impossible to complete the required number of repetitions with the kettlebell weight.

Benefits of full-body workouts

This full-body workout incorporates a range of compound exercises that engage multiple muscle groups at once. For example, the squat-to-overhead press engages the quads (thigh muscles), glutes (butt muscles), and shoulders.

Full-body workouts like this one are ideal if you don't have time to exercise regularly. If you’re weighing up doing a full-body vs split workout routine, most trainers would suggest going for the former option if you can only train a few times a week.

"If you don’t plan on going to the gym more than four times a week, you won’t give each muscle group enough attention to see results with a split-workout routine," Dean Zweck said, speaking to Fit&Well previously.

"A full-body routine, two to three times a week, might be best as it will allow you to train each muscle more frequently, particularly the larger leg muscles."

If you’re looking for more options, try our full-body dumbbell workout or full-body resistance band workout.

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