Take on this challenge to develop your core in just six minutes

All you need are these six bodyweight moves to build core strength without weights

A woman completing an ab workout
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Between work, socializing, and sleep, finding time to exercise can be tricky. That's why we love a time-savvy workout and this abs challenge from experienced trainer Jeanette Jenkins which will crush your core in just six minutes. 

Best of all? You don't need any equipment to give it a go for yourself — though we like rolling out one of the best yoga mats to save our spine from unforgiving tiled floors. 

The session consists of just six moves, with Jeanette Jenkins challenging her 981,000 Instagram followers to perform each one for 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. String them together as a circuit with no rest between movements and repeat this two times, taking you to the six-minute finish line. 

Jenkins has more than 30 years of experience as a trainer and health coach, having helped the likes of Pink, Kelly Rowland, and Alicia Keys get in great shape, so you know this abs challenge won't be a walk in the park.

However, it is efficient and effective, so you can get a great workout in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.  Watch the video below to find out which exercises await you, and learn how to perform each one properly by following Jenkins' demonstrations. 

Watch Jeanette Jenkins' ab workout

Sifting through Jenkins' selection of ab exercises, you might notice the distinct lack of standard sit-ups. We're not sure about you, but that's music to our ears given how this movement is often overly relied upon. 

Instead, the best abs workouts (like this one) find ways to work the whole core, which is made up of several muscles including the rectus abdominis (responsible for the sought-after six-pack aesthetic and spinal flexion), the transverse abdominis (which wraps around your trunk and aids stability), and the obliques (running down the side of your torso, helping with bending side-to-side and rotational movements). 

This workout, while short, is an example of a HIIT workout for fat loss, using short bursts of intense exercise to spike your heart rate, burn calories, and boost your metabolism (the rate at which your body converts food and drink into energy). You can find out more about this through our in-depth guide: Does metabolism increase with exercise?    

Thanks to its minimal time requirement, this session can easily be slipped into your existing fitness routine. It's especially useful as a finisher after a resistance training session. So, why not try this chest and back workout, or give our pick of the best leg workouts a go, before taking Jenkins' abs challenge on?

Harry Bullmore
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