This 10-minute equipment-free core workout will strengthen your abs

If you're tight on time, this short but intense routine will fire up your core and build mid-body strength

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If you've found your post-lockdown schedule has made it hard to fit in a regular exercise routine, you're not alone. Many of us used the enforced time at home to exercise, so this sudden change of pace can be challenging to adjust to. 

When you're short on time, it's crucial to prioritize the most efficient workouts. Building core strength with the best workouts for abs is a great place to start, as your abdominal muscles help improve posture, prevent pain and injury, promote good circulation, and improve general fitness performance. 

Fortunately, there's more to building a stronger core than endless crunch repetitions. You won't need any equipment to do online fitness coach Fraser Wilson's varied 10-minute abs workout to start developing solid mid-body muscle. 

Watch Fraser Wilson's 10-minute morning workout

Like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), this set of exercises is designed to get your heart rate up but with very little rest. Most HIIT routines have a brief period of activity followed by a short break, but Wilson's workout guides you through 30-second moves with only two rest periods. 

This short routine is part of a broader 30-day home fitness challenge Wilson launched on his YouTube channel. Each workout is compact but intense so that you can fit it around your existing commitments. 

As there aren't rep targets to aim for, you'll do as many as you can in the time. It's vital not to rush the exercises, though, as this can lead to injury. To get the most from each move, you should focus on your form, even if that means doing fewer reps. 

As you gain experience, you'll be able to do more in the 30 seconds without risking hurting yourself. This is why it's worth revisiting the basics, like how to do a plank or how to do a crunch. Even just practicing these moves can help you build a stronger, more robust core. 

Wilson's workout is intense, so you'll probably feel the effects of the training later. If you still have a craving for more core moves, consider picking up one of the best ab rollers. These portable handled wheels are a great way to fire up your core when you have a few minutes. 

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