This 25-minute AMRAP workout burns fat and gets you fitter

In less than half an hour with a set of dumbbells by your side, this intense workout helps you tone up and drop inches

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Most workout routines set a target number of repetitions, or reps, for each move. While some people find this training style suits them, it's not the only way to approach exercise. 

Some fitness tips make workouts easier for everyone, like investing in a set of the best cross training shoes for multi-exercise support, but we all have our preferences when it comes to staying in shape. 

An alternative to fixed reps is AMRAP, or As Many Rounds As Possible. This form of training encourages you to perform a move for a certain amount of time rather than ending after you've reached a target number of reps. 

If you're interested in giving an AMRAP routine a try, this 25-minute workout by personal trainer Heather Robertson is an excellent way to get started. It's broken up into five circuits of four exercises, lasting five minutes each. 

Watch Heather Robertson's 25-minute Total Body AMRAP workout

AMRAP workouts allow you to find your own pace, completing what you can in the time, rather than worrying about 'failure' if you don't hit a specific goal. This also makes it a great way to track your progress, as you'll be able to do more over time. 

Because of this focus on time rather than reps, the routines are intense in a similar fashion to HIIT exercises. With AMRAP, there's no break as you switch activities. However, High Intensity Interval Training includes brief periods of rest between moves. 

As you're working out without rest for the duration, your heart rate increases, your muscles work harder, and you'll feel the benefits throughout the day. It's for this reason that AMRAP routines are often encouraged alongside the best exercises for weight loss

While many AMRAP exercises are entirely equipment-free, Robertson's routine adds dumbbells into the mix. This increases the intensity, dialing up the muscle-building, fat-burning potential across the 25-minute workout. 

It's important not to choose a weight that's too heavy, as this could lead to issues with your form. But most people don't want their homes filled with weight racks, so it's worth investing in a set of the best adjustable dumbbells for a customizable, multi-use option. 

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