This 30 minute dumbbell boxing workout is fun, but it WILL make you sweat

Cat Taylor's kickboxing-inspired workout with weights is tough going, but you'll finish this sweat session grinning from ear to ear

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Getting bored of your home workouts? Us, too. There's nothing quite like shaking things up by trying something new, and this fast-paced, boxing inspired workout from Cat Taylor, a personal trainer and occupational therapist, is guaranteed to put a smile on your face – as well as sweat on your shirt. 

Taylor's MO is all about positivity, and this boxfit circuit, originally filmed for Fit&Well's Instagram account, is set to a bouncy soundtrack and Taylor's encouragement. It's best performed with a set of the best adjustable dumbbells, which can be tailored to your strength level, but you can use everyday objects from around the house, such as water bottles or tins of food. 

Taylor, whose background with occupational therapy is based on positive psychology, intersperses the HIIT workout with simple mindfulness exercises designed to help you engage more fully with the workout. Check out the workout in full below:

Watch Cat Taylor's boxfit workout below:

Taylor's workout include simulated punches and kicks, made more challenging by the weights, but if you're struggling with the difficulty here you can always place the weights down and do them unweighted. 

Squat jumps, deadlifts with dumbbells, mountain climbers and energetic HIIT-focused movement rounds  all feature in the workout, making for a full-body pump and a great calorie burn. Workout moves like plank also feature to tone your core in a way that is safe for your spine – moves like sit-ups and crunches can actually compress your spine against the floor when performed improperly, or focus on your hips rather than your abs. Planks engage your abdominal muscle groups without endangering your spine. 

You can check out our guide on how to do a plank for more comprehensive tips. 

Finally, Cat Taylor's workout involves lots of kicks. Although if you're not the most flexible person, Taylor insists you should stick to your comfort zone, bouts of regular stretching can lengthen your range of motion, helping you to avoid injury, stay mobile in later life and get your leg up higher the next time you come to do this workout. 


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