This ab workout only takes six minutes to grow and define core muscle

Training your abs doesn't have to be time consuming, just spare six minutes for this no equipment routine

Woman doing bicycle crunches during an ab workout
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Want to build a stronger core but need to fit this into a busy schedule? You can do this with the help of a no-equipment six-minute ab workout. The equipment-free routine is easy to slot into a hectic day and it can be completed anywhere. So, you'll struggle to think up a good enough excuse not to use these core building exercises.

If you incorporate weight training into your regular fitness regime, then you will be familiar with compound exercises and their ability to work multiple muscle groups at a time, including the core. For example, when you learn how to deadlift properly you will feel how crucial it is to engage the core as you perform the exercise.

However, strength training workouts of this nature can be time-consuming and might not be everyone's preferred style of exercise. This is where fitness trainer Gainsbybrains, Sophie van Oostenbrugge, six-minute ab and core routine will be of use.

You will perform six different exercises for a minute each and you should refer to Ooostenbrugge's demonstrations to ensure you are targeting the right muscles using the correct form and avoiding injury. 

Watch Gainsbybrains' Six-Minute Ab Workout

Core strengthening exercises like the moves used in this workout have many benefits due to the fact your core is what stabilizes your body and allows it to move in various directions.

Back pain is extremely common and anyone can suffer from this, regardless of your age or fitness level. Research published in the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation revealed that core muscle-strengthening exercise was an effective rehabilitation solution for people suffering from chronic low back pain. It's clear just how important your core muscles are when it comes to holding you upright and combatting issues like back pain.

The same study added that core exercises paired with glute strengthening exercises are also beneficial for supporting your back and handling pain. Fortunately, lots of the best glute exercises can be incorporated into your next workout session. You might also want to pick up some of the best adjustable dumbbells to further your strength gains.

Regular core training will lead to more defined muscle across your stomach area. But you may find that you need to lower your body fat to notice this muscle definition in your midsection. In this case, a HIIT workout for fat loss is a useful routine to have to hand.

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