This beginner-friendly dumbbell workout builds full-body strength with three simple moves

Develop your core, build leg muscle and strengthen your arms with this short routine

A woman performing a dumbbell curl and press at home
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It can be difficult to build healthy habits. If you're a newcomer to exercise, it's useful to have a short, simple routine that you can memorize and incorporate into your weekly schedule. 

We like this three-move workout from personal trainer Phil Hynes (@MyTrainer.Phil), who has more than a decade's experience in the fitness industry and specializes in beginner workouts. All you need to do the routine is a pair of dumbbells.

To give it a go, perform the three moves demonstrated in his video below, one after the other, taking only a few seconds of rest between each one. Run through this sequence three times in total for a 10-minute workout that will strengthen your upper body, lower body and core muscles

Watch My Trainer Phil's three-move dumbbell workout

This accessible routine offers a comprehensive full-body workout. It makes good use of efficient compound exercises, which target several muscles at once. For example, the curl to press move works the biceps and triceps in your arms as well as your shoulders, while the goblet squat will hit near-enough every muscle in your lower body. 

If you want to build a new exercise habit, strength training routines like this one are good place to start. They can help you build a fit, functional body and doing them regularly could decrease your risk of injuries. You can even use strength training exercises for weight loss, if that's your goal.

While it is possible to strengthen your body using bodyweight exercises alone, using free weights can help you target a broader range of muscles. Investing in a set of good adjustable dumbbells will allow you to steadily increase your weight too, so that you can continue to get stronger.

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