This Bulk Pure Whey Protein powder is HALF PRICE in Amazon price crash

Grab a 2.5g bag of low-fat, low-carb Bulk Pure Whey Protein powder for half price in the Amazon Prime Day sales

Bulk whey protein powder, now on offer during Amazon Prime Day
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Please note, this deal has now ended.

If you're training hard, you need the right fuel to recover – and if you're doing any kind of resistance training at all, that means getting a good source of whey protein into your diet.

You can buy a range of discounted powders from our Black Friday protein roundup. However, this the only way to find a good price, especially if you have a brand loyalty. 

Enter this fantastic entry to the Amazon Prime Day fitness deals from the folks at Bulk. Right now, you can get a 2.5kg package of Bulk Pure Whey Protein Powder at Amazon for just £24.09, a saving of a massive 50% (opens in new tab). This applies to a range of flavours including Chocolate Peanut, Salted Caramel and Raspberry, all sure to be delicious additions to shakes. Check out the deal in full below:

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Bulk Pure Whey Protein Powder Shake, Chocolate Peanut, 2.5 kg | was £47.99 | now £24.09 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save a huge 50% on a range of flavours here. The Bulk shake is made up of an impressive 80% pure whey protein and packed with essential BCAAs, an ideal post-workout supplement. Containing a hefty 25g of protein per serving, the low carb and fat content and lack of sugar makes it a perfect lean-out companion.

Protein powder is a very important part of any resistance training programme. Unless you're extremely dedicated to your diet. It's tough to get enough lean protein in to help your muscles recover and grow after a workout. Protein shakes allow us to get that nutrition in on the go – for a more comprehensive breakdown, check out our list of the best protein powder for weight loss.

Of course, we've got stacks more Amazon Prime Day deals on site here, and you can browse our Prime Day kitchen deals in this link too, if you're looking for a blender to whip up your protein powder into a tasty shake or smoothie. 

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