This man lost 200lbs and changed his life, and it started by walking every day

Alex Rubalcada from Arkansas began walking for 30 minutes every day over a year ago. Now he's lost 200lbs

Brand New Me: Alex lost 200lbs and can be seen here with his loose skin
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Alex Rubalcada from Siloam Springs, Arkansas grew up with his grandmother and wanted to emulate her in every way possible. That involved eating the same junk foods she did and adopting unhealthy lifestyle habits. 

When she passed away from diabetes complications, Alex began eating more as he struggled with the grief. Weighing over 400lbs, Alex was soon diagnosed as pre-diabetic, which was the catalyst for change. Alex told his story to YouTube channel Truly, which has been documenting body transformations under its "Brand New Me" series. 

Watch Alex' inspiring weight loss skin reveal here:

Alex told Truly that growing up he was always “the funny fat guy” but he no longer wanted to feel embarrassed going to restaurants fearing he'd break the chairs or struggling to put his seat belt on every time he got in a car.

Alex threw away the junk food, and started walking 30 minutes everyday. He lost 20lbs in three months, which resulted in his health improving and him no longer being pre-diabetic. Alex is determined to love himself and in the video above, he will reveal to Truly his excess skin, which is a result of his huge weight loss.

Having recently revealed his skin on social media for the first time, and having taken time to adjust to it, Alex explained that “I've gotten to that point where I'm… 100% as I have become one with it." Alex hopes that by accepting himself and being visible, he can inspire others.

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"The first thing I did was dump all the junk food and I started going to the park and walking for 30 minutes every day," said Alex. For anyone who's getting into fitness for the first time, walking to lose weight is a wonderful way to dip your toe into the water. You just need some comfy workout clothes (and maybe the best shoes for walking for longer walks) in order to get started. 

Of course, cutting out junk food helps too. High in sugar, saturated fats and calories, junk food like cookies, fries and potato chips all contribute towards obesity and prediabetes. Between this simple omission and walking, Alex lost 30lbs in three months. 

Then, he began hitting the gym, using free weights such as adjustable dumbbells to build muscle to accelerate his fat loss. Building muscle increases the body's basal metabolic rate according to researchers from the University of New Mexico by a rate of four to seven calories per pound of muscle per day. The more muscle you have, the more you lose even while at rest. You're also fitter and stronger, able to exercise harder and do more strenuous activity with a little more developed skeletal muscle.  

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