Use this celebrity trainer's seven-move workout to build strength and muscle all over

You can try all of the exercises at home using just a couple of dumbbells

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities stay in shape? Us too. Fortunately, this seven-move workout will satisfy some of your curiosity, providing an insight into how the likes of Pink, Bebe Rexha and Serena Williams like to train.

This dumbbell-based session was devised by Jeanette Jenkins, whose star-studded roster of clients past and present includes sports stars, musicians and even Olympic gold medallists (including the three names listed above). 

The seven exercises selected by Jenkins include a mixture of muscle-building (opens in new tab) moves, core-carvers and cardio bouts, so you can work on your strength and endurance at the same time. Jenkins (opens in new tab) recommends performing each one for 30-60 seconds, so we suggest trying 30 seconds if you're a beginner and 60 seconds if you fancy a challenge. 

To make these moves into a workout, try completing each exercise back to back as a circuit, then resting for 20 seconds after each one. Repeat this seven-move circuit three times and you've got yourself a 30-minute session that will leave your heart, lungs, legs, arms and core feeling thoroughly worked out. 

Watch Jeanette Jenkins' seven-move strength and cardio workout

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Jenkins keeps things interesting in this workout by mixing compound exercises (opens in new tab) with muscle-isolating moves and cardio-focused drills. This means you can build muscle during the session, but you'll also get your heart rate up.

You can expect your arms, legs and core to get a thorough workout, while the intense nature of the workout is sure to burn calories and boost your metabolism. 

It's an efficient session, but probably a fairly tiring one, so you might want to follow it up with a rest day. Or at least stick to gentle exercises like this beginner-friendly yoga flow (opens in new tab) if your muscles need to recover.

If you're really sore, you might want to try grabbing a foam roller (opens in new tab) to soothe your aching muscles, or giving some stretching exercises (opens in new tab) a go to help you feel a little more limber.

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