Watch: 40 minute jazzercise weekend workout to dance your way to fitness

This jazzercise workout can improve your mind-body connection, get you fit and provide some much-needed fun!

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Not been dancing in a while due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? There's no reason you can't hold a dance party right in your own home this weekend. This particular 40-minute dance party is a two-for-one: you can have fun AND get fit, thanks to expert trainer Jen Holderness.

Holderness took to our Instagram account with a jazzercise dance workout to help liven up your fitness routine, especially if you're stuck at home right now. If you missed it on the 'gram, you can catch Holderness' full routine right here: 

Why dance?

Dancing isn't just good for our cardiovascular fitness: A study in the journal Frontiers in Psychology found dance practice helped give study participants increased self-confidence and more "body awareness", helping their brains better map their own movements.

Any combination of complicated hand and footwork, like martial arts or rhythm games, has similar benefits: it helps you move with more grace and poise, increasing your reflexes and keeping the connection between your mind and body active.

In addition to the hip-hop dance fusion exercises, with plenty of movement in the legs and hips, Holderness' routine includes strength movements, such as forward bends and bicep curls.

Strength is very important even when it comes to dance workouts: when we work out not just to lose weight, but also to build muscle, our bodies become fitter, stronger and more flexible, which is the eventual goal. Grab yourself a space and a set of light dumbbells and follow along to Holderness' workout. Prepare to dance yourself fitter!


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