Watch: The 30-min weight loss abs workout you can do while standing up

This martial-arts inspired weight loss abs workout is perfect for beginners with limited mobility. Hiyah!

Weight loss abs workout
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Sit-ups and crunches might be great for your abdominal muscles, but for some people, these place unnecessary strain on the spine as it's pushed against a hard floor. Core strength is very important in all walks of life, from runners to sportspeople, and those who just want to stay active as they age. 

Fortunately, we've got a great core-focused circuit for you which doesn't place any strain on your spine. Expert US PT Tom Holland  took over our Instagram to bring us a routine which focuses on honing your core muscles while standing up, fantastic for people with mobility issues. So, if you're trying to work out how to lose weight on your stomach or simply looking for one of the best workouts for abs, check out his routine below:

Holland's abs blast guides you through how to train your core while standing up, using a series of twists and cardio moves to get your body moving. 

Movements such as raising your knees and lowering your torso down to join them mimics the action of a bicycle crunch, which hits your obliques (side abs) in addition to the rectus abdominus muscle group. Holland's standing version allows you to get a lot of the benefits of this move and still stay within a comfortable range of motion. 

The use of kickboxing-style twists, uppercuts and kicks are designed to get you fighting fit. Kickboxing is one of the best exercises you can do when it comes to both honing your core and losing weight, as the constant twisting from side to side puts your abs under pressure, and the act of kicking works your abs like a leg raise. 

A study in the Strength and Conditioning Journalfound kickboxing enhances core stability by teaching all the muscles of your body to work together. In addition, high-intensity cardiovascular moves like jumping jacks helps to lose belly fat, ensuring your abs are visible after all that hard work. 


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