You only need one dumbbell and four moves to build a stronger body and develop your core

Develop functional strength at home with this time-efficient routine

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If you want a fun, full-body workout, look no further than this four-move routine.

It’s designed by NSCA-certified personal trainer Morit Summers, who created the session while on vacation. 

The trainer uses a variety of equipment, but you can do all of the moves with a dumbbell or kettlebell, although you may want to switch between a heavier and lighter weight between exercises.

To do the workout, perform the four exercises—alternating reverse lunge with rotation, lawn mower row, single-leg deadlift, and plank rotation—as a circuit. These are all unilateral (one-sided) movements, so complete eight to 12 repetitions on each side before progressing to the next exercise, and do three or four rounds in total. 

How to do Summers’ four-move workout

Why we like Summers’ full-body workout

This is a circuit-style workout with minimal rest periods, which allows you to complete more work in less time. This type of exercise also raises your pulse, so you'll work your heart and lungs alongside your muscles. 

Summers’ workout is fun too, with unusual variations on popular moves. The fact they’re all unilateral exercises can help iron out muscular imbalances while developing your balance and coordination. Plus, Summers’ moves have the added benefit of working your body through multiple planes of motion. 

Many strength workouts involve moving weights up, down, forwards, and backward, working largely within what is known as the sagittal plane. But that’s not the only way we move in our daily lives. 

Summers introduces rotational elements to her workout, forcing you to work in the transverse plane to build functional strength and engage more of your core dynamically, which reflects how we move in everyday life.

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