You only need two dumbbells to strengthen your whole body and develop your core

Develop muscle all over and strengthen your core with just five moves

Personal trainer Rachael Sacerdoti completing a dumbbell workout
(Image credit: Rachael Sacerdoti)

If you have a specific fitness goal like building muscle or beating your best running time, it's a good idea to focus on workouts that help with these areas. But if you just want to build a healthy body, you should look for fun, efficient, enjoyable workouts. 

That's exactly what you get here; a full-body routine designed to "offer a mix of cardio, strength and core benefits".

So says its creator, certified personal trainer Rachael Sacerdoti. Find out more below, including how to try the routine for yourself. 

How to do Rachel Sacerdoti's full-body dumbbell workout

  • Snatches x12
  • Russian swings x12
  • Devil press x10
  • Crunch to press x10
  • Oblique crunches x20 

Perform the exercises listed above as a circuit, resting as needed between each one. To really feel the cardio perks from this routine, try to keep your rest times as low as possible.  

Once you're finished all five exercises, rest for 30 seconds then repeat the sequence. Continue to do this until you've completed three rounds. 

If any of these exercises are new to you, watch Sacerdoti's video above for a demonstration of how to perform them with correct form. 

Benefits of this workout

For such a short routine, this session sure does offer plenty of benefits, according to Sacerdoti. 

"It’s an efficient workout as it combines strength and cardio, which is great if you have a hectic schedule," she explains.

"It can lead to improved cardiovascular endurance [your heart and lungs' ability to supply your body with oxygen during physical activity] due to the combination of these exercises in a circuit format.  

"And you will also see increased full-body strength, including in your core, due to the targeting of various muscle groups."

Sacerdoti's top tips for tackling this workout

  • FORM FIRST: Focus on your form for each exercise. Ensure you understand the correct techniques to get the most from them and to prevent injury.
  • WARM-UP: It’s so important to warm-up and prepare your muscles ahead of a workout. If you don't know where to start, try this trainer-approved warm-up routine. 
  • WORK AT YOUR LEVEL: Some of the multi-muscle compound exercises in this workout are quite demanding. So, if you need to, you can add a rest between moves. As you improve you can gradually reduce your rest times.
  • STAY HYDRATED: Keep a bottle of water near you. It’s important to sip and stay hydrated.

If you don't own any weights, take a look at our guides to the best adjustable dumbbells and the best kettlebells 

Harry Bullmore
Fitness Writer

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