Air fryer deal: Save 50% on this Insignia digital air fryer at Best Buy

Healthier cooking is yours to command, as this great Insignia 5qt air fryer is half-price at Best Buy

Air fryer deal: Insignia 5-quart fryer is half price at Best Buy
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If you lose wings, chicken, chips, ribs, fried rice and all sorts of other good stuff, but you want them with less calories, you need one of the best air fryers. Air fryers only use a small amount of oil, circulated round their compartments via hot air currents to evenly fry its contents all over with a fraction of the oil (or butter) used in a frying pan. 

If you're looking for a great deal on one, Best Buy is offering this great Insignia five-quart. digital air fryer at $60 – that's half price. Check out the deal in full below:

Air Fryer Best Buy deal: Get it here

Insignia 5-qt. Digital Air Fryer - Stainless Steel | was $119.99 | now $59.99 at Best Buy
Save 50% on this stainless steel air fryer with digital display and controls. It's hefty five quart capacity allows you to hold up to five servings on average, while the digital interface takes the guesswork out of cooking with a preprogrammed cook times and temperatures for popular foods.View Deal

Air Fryer Best Buy deal: What's so good about it?

A great bargain at under $60, this air fryer is quick and easy-to-clean with a dishwasher-safe basket and pan. The timer with auto shutoff takes any worry of overdoing your food out of the equation, while it even comes with a recipe book, described as "a helpful guide helps you prepare delicious appetizers, entrées, and desserts".

This 2015 study demonstrated that ingredients cooked using an air fryer were substantially lower in added fats, therefore lower in total calories. While fried chicken wings are never going to be a bona fide "healthy" option, this significantly reduces the guilt factor while retaining all that great taste. 

It can do vegetables, too: from broccoli to mushrooms, peppers to pak choy – anything you'd pan fry to go with, for example, an Asian-fusion dish with rice or noodles. Just toss your chosen veggies in a little soy, sesame and garlic, pop in the air fryer and bang - perfect side dish.   

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