HUGE Skonyon weights deal: Save over $110 on this adjustable dumbbells 2-pack

These Skonyon dumbbells are better than half price at Walmart. Bag them now!

Skonyon dumbbell deal
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You know the score by now: the best adjustable dumbbells are a great way to work out at home. They're affordable, space-saving ways to do all different kinds of resistance training, building your muscles, whether you're training heavy or keeping things light or doing HIIT training.

Right now, Walmart is offering an incredible $110 off, over 55%, on its Skonyon 12.5lbs adjustable dumbbell set. They were a hefty $199 on account of the easy dial setting (no more time-consuming spin-locks between sets!) but Walmart has slashed its prices for summer. Check out the deal below:

Get the dumbbells deal here:

Skonyon adjustable dumbbells 2-pack 12lbs | was $199 | now $89.95 at Walmart

Skonyon adjustable dumbbells 2-pack 12lbs | was $199 | now $89.95 at Walmart
Save over 50% on this terrific dumbbell deal. Normally, these dial dumbbells come as a single pack and retail for much more expensive, so to get a pair at under $100 is next-level value. The easy dial setting works with the stand: simply slot in the handle, twist the dial to your desired weight and away you go. 

Why get this deal?

Most classic steel "York" style adjustable dumbbells operate on a spin-lock system, a straightforward nut-and-screw method of securing a weight plate onto the handle. These have worked for many years. 

However, with both this method and the squeezing plate clips you find in the gym, changing the weight of the dumbbell between sets is very time consuming. 

The dial system used in these Skonyon dumbbells changes all that. They sit on the stand until you have need of them, with all the plates facing the same way. 

By inserting the handle and twisting the dial, it locks the plates in at the desired weight, allowing you to cut down your weight-changing time in the midst of a tough workout. 

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