I tried Chris Hemsworth's trainer's 15-minute dumbbell workout—here's what happened

Luke Zocchi's quick, high-intensity resistance training routine builds muscle and burns fat

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I recently got a dog, which has been great for getting me out the house on long walks first thing in the morning. But it does mean that I spend a lot of time looking after the young pup, and so I rarely have time for extended workouts anymore.

I have a set of the best adjustable dumbbells, which are great for adding into high-intensity cardio workouts to increase the resistance, or as a versatile alternative to the gym weights area when you're training at home. So I went on the hunt for a quick dumbbell routine.

Thankfully, I'm not alone in being pushed for time, which is why many of us reach for short, efficient training sessions that we can do in high-intensity bursts, like this 15-minute workout from Chris Hemsworth's trainer, Luke Zocchi.

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One of the reasons I enjoyed the routine is because Zocchi focuses on multi-muscle compound exercises, which are an efficient way to build muscle and burn fat. There are 15 moves in total, so you do each exercise for 45 seconds, then take a 15-second rest.

He also blends dumbbell activities, like bicep curls and extensions, with bodyweight moves including toe taps, lunges, and mountain climbers. It was an intense 15-minutes, but that's the aim of these short but efficient sessions.

Working your muscles, particularly with weights, can help you get stronger, but by keeping the intensity high, you increase your heart rate and boost your metabolism. This helps you burn more energy throughout the day, which is why it's an effective way to lose weight too.

Although you don't need much equipment to get started, if you're looking for a set of dumbbells you can adjust with the touch of a button or want to expand your current set up, you can find big discounts on essential equipment with this year's Prime Day weights deals

All the best Prime Day fitness deals in one place
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All the best Prime Day fitness deals in one place

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