My favorite water bottle backpack keeps your hands free, and it's 30% off for Prime Day right now

This slimline water backpack holds 85oz, has small pockets for essentials, and you can save over $20 with this Prime Day deal

Man wearing the CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack
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I really don't like carrying things. It's an odd thing to write down, but I prefer having my hands free and so I take a backpack with me almost everywhere I go. When I'm trying to travel light and keep hydrated, my bag of choice is the CamelBak Rogue. 

I even rated it as one of the best water bottles for hiking because the weight is evenly distributed across your back, and if you buy a larger hiking backpack, you can remove the water pouch from the Rogue and take it with you. 

It's an excellent pack that has been with me through music festivals, long hot walks, and travels abroad. Other than the label falling off, it's still as good as new after more than five years. 

It's not often on sale, which is why this Prime Day deal is such a great discount, saving you $20 on the regular price, taking it down to just $53.90 right now on Amazon.

CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack | Was $77, now $55.95 at Amazon

CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack | Was $77, now $55.95 at Amazon

This lightweight water storage backpack has an 85oz internal pouch with a tube for convenient access to your water and a handle to make refilling a breeze. Save $23 on this hydration pack right now before the deal ends.

When I was diagnosed with a chronic medical condition in 2014, I was told I needed to drink plenty to manage the symptoms. So I bought the CamelBak Rogue and took it with me every time I went out the house. 

But maybe I was primed to get one, as my dad used to take them on walks when I was young, so I knew that the straw-like tube that sits over your shoulder was really convenient for a quick sip. 

Summers over the past few years have been extremely hot, which may put you off a backpack in fear of a sweaty back. However, the mesh fabric is designed to reduce sweat and increase airflow, so it never gets uncomfortable. 

It's pretty straightforward to clean — a quick rinse through is fine in most cases. But there's also the CamelBak Crux Cleaning Kit to help you deep clean the tube and hydration bladder. 

If you'd rather spend less or prefer a traditional water bottle, there are plenty of Prime Day water bottle deals around right now, with savings on Hydro, CamelBak flasks, and designs favored by TikTokers across the globe. 

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