Rowing machine deal: Save almost $3000 on the Xtremepower water rower at Walmart!

Save $2900 on one of the finest rowing machines around. Is this the best rowing machine deal ever?

Xtremepower rowing machine
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Many of the best rowing machines come with a big tank of water instead of the usual fan belt you see in the gym. These water rowers are designed to accurately mimic the feeling of rowing in water, as the cable you pull rotates spinning blades in the tank to pull against water just like the "real" thing, 

These water rowing machines are usually very pricey, but right now, you're in luck: Walmart is offering the Xtremepower Exercise Water Rowing Machine for just $1,099.95, a frankly INCREDIBLE $2,900 discount. Check the deal out below - and if you're looking for more rowing machines at drop-down prices, check out our Black Friday rowing machine hub!

Xtremepower Exercise Water Rowing Machine | was $3,099.95 | now $1,099.95 at Walmart

Xtremepower Exercise Water Rowing Machine | was $3,099.95 | now $1,099.95 at Walmart
An LCD screen to monitor your progress and a comfortable cushioned seat add to the incredibly beautiful hardwood design of this water-tank rowing machine. Use this water rowing machine for an effective aerobic workout or incorporate it in your high intensity interval training in the comforts of your home

Why get a rowing machine?

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many gyms to close, some of which for good. If your area is restricted, or you're not yet comfortable going back to an indoor gym, a rowing machine is a great home workout solution. 

Rowing has been found to reduce fat mass and increase muscle mass, according to one study from the Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine. Doing both at the same time improves your body composition, which is your body's ratio of muscle to fat. Less fat and more muscle helps you become healthier and more athletic, as your body has to take in more oxygen to deliver to your muscles.  

If you're already an experienced rower looking for a winter or COVID-friendly solution to keep you occupied, the realistic nature of the Xtremepower rower is a natural fit. With a whopping $2900 discount, this might be the best deal on a water rower we've ever seen.

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