This 15-minute workout builds bicep muscles using just your bodyweight

This bodyweight workout builds bicep and tricep muscles, and it only takes 15 minutes

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If you've been trying to work on your arm muscles then you'd be forgiven for thinking it's all about pounding the best adjustable dumbbells until you can lift no more. Thankfully though, you can develop your bicep and tricep muscles using just your own bodyweight.

And, you won't need long to work on your arm muscles either as this workout from personal trainer and nutrition coach Caroline Girvan takes just 15-minutes and focuses on perfecting your form and developing your tricep and bicep muscles for toned arms. 

Featuring some of the moves you'd expect to find in routines for chest workouts at home, Girvan's workout also uses a chair to add some more dynamic moves into the session. All you'll need to get started is a mat and a chair.

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Watch Caroline Girvan's bodyweight arm workout

Fancy giving this bodyweight workout a go? Find the moves below (some are repeated throughout the workout).

  • Tricep push-up 
  • Dips
  • Decline push-up
  • Bicep push-up
  • Diamond push-up
  • One arm plank ladder
  • Slow push-up
  • Pike push-up
  • Skull crushers 

Girvan's workout features 40 seconds of work with a 20 second rest in between and encourages you to increase your range with moves such as push-ups so you're getting the most out of this workout. If you're just starting out with arm workouts though, ease yourself in and focus on correct form, not how long you can hold each move for. 

Personal trainer, Girvan also explains that the triceps form two thirds of our upper arms, so much of this workout is devoted to targeting those muscles. Plus, with these moves, you'll also be working on your core which can help to make everyday tasks that bit easier. 

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