Walmart Samsung Galaxy Watch deal: Save almost $100 in fitness watch bargain

Samsung Galaxy Watch is an excellent fitness tracker and smart watch, and it's had its price slashed before Christmas

Walmart Samsung Galaxy Watch
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In the pre-Christmas deals bonanza, smartwatches and fitness trackers are among the most popular items searched for by those looking to stay on top of their health or up their workouts. Walmart has got a few of the best: for example, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has been discounted by $90, now down to $189.99. Check out both deals in full below:

Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch deal here

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm midnight black | was $279.99 | now $189.99 at Walmart

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm midnight black | was $279.99 | now $189.99 at Walmart
Track up to 40 different exercises with this swim-proof, sweat-proof stylish Samsung watch. As well as being geared towards workouts, it's got all the usual smartwatch perks, such as paying for your coffee with your wrist, showing you notifications, taking calls and using your phone's GPS to accurately track your outdoor runs.

Fitness watches are among the most-wanted items for a good reason: they're incredibly useful, combining the functionality of smartwatches with excellent fitness and sleep tracking technology. 

They provide alerts when we've been sitting down too long, they can tell us when our heart rate is too high during a workout, and they can allow us to check our emails, messages and calls with a flick of the wrist when out and about.

Need a cheaper option?

However, if you would rather a more pared-down fitness-tracking experience without all the fuss of a smartwatch, Walmart has got you covered. The stripped-down, back to basics Fitbit Inspire 2. It's much more of a "pure" fitness tracker, eschewing the smartwatch aesthetic for a simple, premium band. It's a wrist-mounted fitness tracker, pedometer, sleep tracker, calorie counter and a heart rate monitor.


Fitbit Inspire 2 | was $99.95 | now $68.95 at Walmart
Save on the Fitbit Inspire 2, the update to Fitbit's very successful range of band trackers. Up to 7 days of battery life and advanced fitness tracking, including Fitbit's Active Zone Minutes, are available without all that distracting smartwatch fluff.

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